File Upload

Job Check List

  • Include all your fonts used or convert all type to outlines.
  • Include ALL support and art files used.
  • Please fax a printout or include a PDF so we may verify all fonts and support files print correctly.
  • Document size set to trim size.
  • Bleed if needed set to 1/8 inch.
  • RGB images converted to CMYK.
  • Folding panels adjusted.
  • Applications Accepted

    • QuarkXpress(Mac/PC)
    • Pagemaker (Mac/PC)
    • InDesign (Mac/PC)
    • Freehand (Mac/PC)
    • Photoshop (Mac/PC)
    • Coreldraw (PC)
    • Illustrator (Mac/PC)
    • MS Publisher (PC)
    • Adobe Acrobat (Mac/PC)
    • Microsoft Office (Mac/PC)
      Word, Excel, Powerpoint
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